27 Dec

There’s a song by Lifehouse called Everything that I’ve been listening to all night. If you’ve seen the famous YouTube skit by the same name, you’re probably familiar with the song. The chorus says “How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?” And that line keeps playing over and over in my head. How can I stand in the presence of an almighty, holy God and not be moved by Him? Moved to stand up for what’s right, for what I believe in. Moved to pour into and disciple others. Moved enough by Him to move from feeling like maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, to running as far from sin as I can instead of seeing how close I can get to the fire. If I, if you, are seeking God on a consistent basis, we should be so in awe of who He is and so in love with Him that we are moved to do something about it! The convictions in our heart should turn to actions. Words spoken, feet walking, hands lifted. Today! Right now in this moment! Not this attitude of tomorrow or “when I grow up, I’m young let me live my life!”

His beauty and His goodness should so astound us that we are changed just by being in His presence. Changed doesn’t always mean easy or painless. “I’m happy that’s all that matters, so back off and get over it,” doesn’t work here. His change is painful because He chisels away every inch of us that doesn’t belong to reveal more of Him. He strips away every sinful, selfish desire to reveal His holiness. How can we stand with Him, before Him and not be moved by Him? If I am not compelled to change, to let go of me and my happiness, my comfort, my plans then I don’t think I really met with God. Or I did, but not all of me was present. Not all of me was engaged or cared enough to focus because He is a powerful God who changes us. Molds us. Shapes us. And His power and goodness should cause us to move! To get out of our sin, to reach out to the broken, to speak up when friends are in sin, or stand up when our God is being made into a show instead of honored for being the mighty God He is.

We are changed when we are in the presence of God! When we have met with Him. It’s a natural response to who He is! If we aren’t, did we really ever meet with Him? Did we really even listen or lean in? We should be so in love with Him that even when it’s painful, we’ll do ANYTHING to be more like Him. Our hearts should be beating in sync with His to desire the things He desires. That our hearts break for what breaks His. That our sin disgusts us. And we should long to glorify Him, share Him, obey Him simply because He is good not because we get anything in return.

“How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?”

I wanna be moved! I want YOU to be moved…I wanna be changed even when it hurts. Even if my happiness is affected. His joy lasts longer than happiness anyway. 🙂

You are loved!

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