31 Dec

I’ve noticed something about teenage girls and young women on social media, they’re obsessed with talking about wanting someone to call their own. Now, while I wholeheartedly believe that God places the desire in our hearts to want a future spouse, I also believe that He doesn’t promise that for our lives. Over and over young women have used social media as a platform for desperation. We all know your crush follows you. We all know if you get him to catch your status or tweet and like it or retweet it, it makes your heart leap with joy. Even if you coat it in scripture or holiness, you still sound desperate. And if I’m honest, it makes you sound like our reward for obedience and seeking after God is a spouse. It isn’t.

Let’s get a couple things straight:
1.) God never promised we’d get to be married.
2.) God never said there was “the one” out there for you.
3.) If you were half as desperate for God as you are for a boyfriend or husband, your entire world and outlook on it would change.

Again, I am not saying it is wrong to want a significant other in your life. What woman doesn’t long for that? God has designed us for relationships. People need people and I don’t think He ever intended for us to have to do life alone. But the problem is when our desire for someone has become a greater distraction for desiring our Creator, the Author of love Himself.
Do you realize the abundant life God promised us in John 10:10 may not include a husband? It might not include that dream job or getting into that school. What He has in store for us is something much more than we can possibly fathom or understand. And what if all Jesus meant by abundant life was simply life in Him? Would be satisfied with that? Only Him?

Marriage paints an incredible picture of Christ’s love for us. A love that sees beyond self and endures through obstacles. A love that pursues no matter the cost. And it is ok to desire that! But that Love, needs to be your first love. Will you seek after Him? It’s time to find contentment in your singleness.

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