1 Jan

Where does time go? And why so quickly? Have you ever stopped to enjoy life? Good or bad, every moment brings a lesson to our lives. Even the mundane and routine moments. I’m finding that the more I blink the more moments fly by. I wanna live in the moment. And not in some, take a million risks sort of way, but I want to be present in them. To savor the time I do have here with people I love and am learning to love. The type of presence that allows me to recall aromas, hear laughter echo, and to vividly remember the smallest detail of someone’s smile even long after the moment is over. 2014 is here and I wondered over and over tonight why I am so sad for 2013 to be over and done with, now beginning to collect dust on a bookshelf in my mind. It’s not because 2013 was the greatest year of my life, it definitely was not. It wasn’t the worst either. But I think it’s because the memories, they’ve gotten more faint and the details hazy because I forget to pay attention to where I am and who I’m there with.

Today did you make memories? Were you fully present so not a detail slipped by when you joke about tonight next year or was there something else grasping for your attention? Was it something meaningless on your phone? A worry? A regret? A what if? I think Satan loves to distract. He loves to take our focus off what’s important and redirect it to meaningless and insignificant things. Our minds race a million miles an hour worrying about the year ahead or the one behind us when all the while we could be defeating those worries by really living even now. I don’t want to miss moments. I don’t want to miss making beautifully painted memories with the people I love! And I certainly don’t want to take those chances for memory making for granted! I don’t wanna be distracted any longer. No more missing out on opportunities to love or spend grace. What’s in store for now is more important than the then, because it’s the now that got us here and the now that will get us there.

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