14 Mar

Life is full of questions. From the mundane to the kind that leave our heads aching, we are always asking questions. “What’s for dinner?” “Did I turn off the coffee pot before I left?” “What is God up to in my world?”

We all have questions which means we all want answers. And the biggest question we ask? Why. Why am I going through this? Why didn’t they keep their promise? Why did she say that? Why isn’t my prayer being answered? Why? Why? Why? It’s never ending. It’s a horrifying ride we buy ourselves the ticket to. Yes, unfortunately we create some of the misery. It’s in our human nature, our finite minds, that we cannot see beyond our circumstances let alone ourselves most days. I don’t believe it’s wrong to ask why. Our God is infinite in wisdom and grace to allow us to ask and who better to ask! Where I think we get trapped is sitting in the stalemate of waiting for the answers to come that were never promised. And if we’re honest, (just between the two of us) even if our questions were answered, we still wouldn’t be happy with it and ask about His return policy. The Lord doesn’t give us all the answers to the whys, but what He does is give us the Who. The Who that sees beyond the circumstance, decision, sin, hurt, pain, sickness, and isn’t surprised by any outcome of it. He gives us the chance in those moments of questioning to scoot in a little bit closer to Him. Because the closer we get to Him, the more we hear His heart and the more it drowns out the noise of the broken world we live in. It’s there that we begin to see the answer to our whys are fully taken care of in the Who. The answers to our questions fade when we know His character and His heart for us. That He loves us fully and unconditionally. He longs to bring us good and not harm, to offer peace that goes beyond any understanding, to bind up our wounds even when the process can sting. The sovereignty of God is something we will never fully understand on this side of eternity and I’m not sure we are supposed to. We are simply called to lay down our unbelief and surrender it in full confidence with every ounce of faith that He has our best interest at heart…always! His love already proved that long ago on a cross. The Who far exceeds any knowledge of the why because there’s comfort in the Who. There’s rest and peace and joy. The Who satisfies beyond an answer to any other question, even when we just don’t understand life. So excuse me while I scoot myself a little closer to the throne. 

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